F 80-100 HD2 electric forklift truck

F 80@900 HD2 - F 100@600 HD2

Electric Forklift F 80-100 HD2


Capacity8.000-10.000 kg
Loadcentre900-600 mm.
Travel speed18 km/h
Hoisting speed0,36 m/s
Battery1475 Ah

Advanced Multifunction Digital Display (amd)
Rear View Camera
High Positioned Tilt Cylinders

Designed to support long working cycles and high performance, the F 80/900-100/600 HD2 (heavy duty)can be considered as the latest expression of the principles and the technology developed by Carer over the years.
Better energy efficiency of the new front axle group developed by Carer that consists of two twin traction motors and two reduction gears, generates an energy saving over 25% of the VDI cycle.
The ergonomic design of the driver's place, the separate cab mounted on silent blocks and anti vibration system allows to provide to F 80/900-100/600 HD2 the maximum comfort for the driver and to reduce the fatigue of the operator during long working shifts.
SpecificationsEquipped with two drive motors 15kW with high RPM and high Torque and a lifting motor 45 kW, this truck is able to reach a speed of 11.

2 mph and 70.

9 fpm lifting speed.

Large acceleration is unbeatable by any ICE and electric forklift truck.
Battery replacement, easy and rapid extraction side ways with minimum of time and effort to change.
The specific design gives an extreme compact, sharp-axle steering for extreme maneuverability and high performance engines.
An advanced multi-functional display, allows to adjust the settings of the truck depending on the applications and wishes of the operators to increase the benefits in terms of high performance or long.
The rear camera integrated in the LCD screen allows to analyze all the forklift functions.

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