A 140-160 S electric forklift truck


Electric Forklift A 140-160 S


Loadcentre900-600 mm.
Velocit traslazione11 km/h
Velocit sollevamento0.22 m/s
Battery1.720 Ah

Designed for indoor applications, the A160S offers high performance and extremely compact dimensions, ideal for ensuring adequate handling in confined spaces.Operator comfortThe driver's seat is spacious. The upright, positioned above the wheels, guarantees not only the most compact size possible of the vehicle, but also excellent visibility, also favored by the height of the seat.EfficiencyThe use of the best technologies on the market are essential for maximum energy efficiency.The A160S is equipped with 2 high-speed traction motors with high-reduction gearboxes to provide high performance.Easy and safe drivingCarer trucks are fitted with a sturdy axle that allows for very low steering angles.Various batteries of different amperage are available to increase working autonomy as well as the lithium iron phosphate solution.

Carer Forklift

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P.IVA 03424290132

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