Electricity, power, maximum reliability.

A range of counterbalanced electric forklift trucks which can provide top performance levels with considerable savings on running costs.

High capacity electric forklift trucks

Carer Forklift

A global business specialised in making counterbalanced electric forklift trucks; a flexible and dynamic company that can offer optimal solutions both for standard applications and special handling needs; a group of motivated experts at our customers' service to listen, guide and follow them in relation to their specific handling needs: this is Carer.


All the benefits of choosing Carer electric forklifts


A series of efficient services to meet every need


A full range with a capacity reaching 16,000 kg

Serie AX

A good alternative to traditional Internal Combustion forklifts.

Serie F

The specific design gives an extreme compact, sharp-axle steering for extreme maneuverability and high performance engines.

Serie R

Developed and designed material handling in heavy duty applications both indoors and outdoors.

Serie Z

High performances and excellent visibility thanks to the high drive position that is ergonomically designed.

Serie N

A unique forklift on the market.

Serie K

The most complete forklift range for moving goods inside containers.

Special trucks

An SPED department devoted to the design and manufacturing of special machines that meet specific handling needs.

Fields of application

From pallets used in the wood industry to the specific ones used to process fruit, from positioning paper reels to handling steel or aluminium coils.

Carer Forklift

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A network of partners and retailers in all the main countries that is able to cover all of the most important pre- and post-sales needs.

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