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The paper industry is one of the main sectors in which Carer's machines are used. In fact, handling increasingly bigger and heavier reels allows our electric vehicles to reach their utmost.

The various model options available in the range of Carer's forklift trucks mean you can choose the suitable machine for any kind of job. Fitted with clamps to pick up the reels, Carer's forklift trucks ensure high productivity in confined spaces with impressive stability; especially when compared with "common" machines, ours move in a considerably smaller amount of space. Warehouses are exploited to the maximum wherever items can be stored and up to the maximum heights that can be reached.


Carer is the only company in the world that designs and makes electric forklift trucks with a capacity ranging from 4.5 tons to 12 tons that can fully enter inside containers to load and unload goods.

For ports and logistics centres and, more in general, for all companies requiring this solution, Carer is a reference point you can contact for the supply of eco-friendly and yet high performance vehicles that protect the health of the operators that drive them inside containers without affecting productivity at all. Carer's electric forklift trucks have a camera to ensure safety for operations inside containers and allow you to handle large loads quickly without any risk of damaging the goods. This often happens when they are unloaded with normal diesel vehicles from outside the container by "dragging" them.


Steel plants, forging plants, foundries and iron and steel manufacturers in general are undoubtedly the most challenging sector for forklift trucks. This is the sector where electric forklift trucks reach their utmost by offering customers who choose them endless environmental and economic benefits, as well as advantages in terms of space and reliability.

You can now effortlessly handle coils, raw materials and finished products with electric vehicles whilst ensuring over time protection for the environment, considerable savings and, in most cases, also the chance to move in the same spaces with very compact machines.

Carer has designed different solutions for its customers by creating vehicles fitted with plates, uprights and dedicated equipment for every kind of use: a "tailor-made garment" for indoor work in confined spaces requiring great stability. In this kind of sector where the weights that need moving are ever growing (along with the size of the goods handled) and which yet requires an increasingly eco-friendly approach, Carer's forklift trucks are becoming increasingly popular. They allow for handling that does not affect the assembly chain and reduces maintenance costs over time to a minimum.


Thanks to its extensive experience in making special electric machines, Carer has made various electric forklift trucks designed to handle radioactive waste both in storage deposits where the waste is left to settle before being disposed of as well as in nuclear plants. For the latter, we made machines with highly protective frames and cabins to ensure utmost safety levels and protection against radiation for the operator driving the vehicle.

The biggest global groups in the automotive sector chose Carer as their partner in the supply of large-capacity electric machines required to feed assembly chains and handle products in warehouses. Reliability, a compact design and productivity have made Carer's electric forklift trucks an important tool in this sector, constantly after solutions that can improve the environmental impact at the workplace and the system running costs without in any way affecting productivity.


Storing and handling heavy and large pieces of wood in various shapes (large panels, beams and axes) indoors is clearly one of the applications where our machines can provide the best results in terms of making the most of space and height.

Even in the wood industry, to save on the impact of transport costs, there is an ever growing tendency to increase the size of the pieces carried as much as possible to the detriment of making it easy to handle them in warehouses.

Carer's electric forklift trucks allow you to quickly move large panels around forecourts and especially in warehouses, thereby ensuring considerable savings over time and providing full protection from indoor pollution and the risk of fires. Carer's electric forklift trucks ensure you make the most of every square metre in the warehouse. This is all done without affecting the stability of the vehicles, even at great heights.


The largest global groups in the automotive field have chosen Carer as a partner for the supply of large-scale electric machines, needed to power assembly-lines and for the handling of products in warehouses. Reliability, compactness and productivity have made Carer electric trucks an important partner in this sector. Always looking for solutions to improve the environmental impact in the workplace and to reduce the operating costs, without penalizing the productivity in any way.


Thanks to the compact design of its vehicles and the high residual capacities, Carer has always been a leading company in the beverage handling field in top beverage companies. In a sector where there is an imperative need for electric vehicles, our wide range of forklift trucks allows you to work comfortably in warehouses, which means you can handle several pallets at the same time without any productivity loss. Once again, environmental protection, which is also required for the product handled, and considerable savings on running costs are fully guaranteed.


Carer electric forklift trucks are ductile and suitable for the different application fields. Contact us for any request.