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Special Product Equipement Department

The company's extreme flexibility and potential is fully expressed in the SPED department, created to make special machines designed to meet customers' specific handling needs.

Starting from 18,000 kg forklift trucks that can sustain a speed of 15 km/h to special machines to handle radioactive waste, Carer can offer endless opportunities thanks to its SPED department.

The right solution the first time round

If the standard range of Carer's forklift trucks is the result and synthesis of years of experience in the field with customers and their specific needs, Carer's SPED department is an open window to the future.

The chance to study special handling solutions that can meet even the most complex and demanding needs in close collaboration with customers is what often makes the difference between choosing Carer and adapting to the standard solutions offered by the forklift truck market.

In the field of special machines, customers themselves design the ideal forklift truck for their needs. Our SPED department is just the instrument Carer offers its customers to turn their ideas into reality. Knowing that there is almost always a solution to a specific handling problem, at Carer we encourage customers to discuss any opportunities or strategies they have in mind to design new ways of handling loads together, if the standard range is not a suitable fit.


Take a look at the potential of the SPED department with a series of selected case studies:


Trespa, a worldwide leading company in the wood sector, chose Carer as the only partner capable of providing suitable equipment to replace gas-operated machines to handle large wooden panels indoors.

Carer designed, studied and made 6 electric forklift trucks with a 10 t capacity that were extremely compact, short and capable of replacing LPG forklift trucks without affecting the productivity of the plant where the operation was conducted.

Indeed, these forklift trucks are able to provide very high performance levels in traction, hoisting and descent mode and have a 120V 1500Ah battery to ensure long operating time.

Upon specific customer request, the battery was divided into 4 boxes with vertical extraction pockets to be able to take them out very quickly using a stacker. In fact, the plant in question is in operation 24/7 and cannot afford machine downtime.


To prove our ability to support any customer request to meet existing handling needs there may be, for IHC, Carer developed an electric forklift truck with a capacity of 7 t, super compact even if fitted with ultra elastic tyres and designed to ensure exceptional towing.

Indeed, the model built for IHC can easily tow trailers on ultra elastic tyres up to 60 tons. Moreover, upon specific request from the customer, we designed a special device applied at the rear of the machine. Via keyboard, it can drive the forklift truck until it reaches the hook of the trailer it needs to be coupled to. This is all done under 100% safe conditions for the operator and the working environment.


Carer was contacted by FROG, the leading Dutch AGV systems manufacturer, for an important project funded by a large overseas group operating in the metal processing field.

By constantly keeping in touch with FROG engineers, our team made a forklift truck with a capacity of 4.5 tons. Later, the Dutch company implemented an advanced software system and turned it into an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), that is, an accurate instrument fitted with an automatic system to work without an operator.

This is a job where the precision of Carer's Technical Department provided a significant contribution to the success of the operation.

Today, 14 of these automatic forklift trucks are used to handle aluminium blocks in Canada at very low operating temperatures (-25 C°) in saline environments.


KLM is universally acknowledged as one of the top international airlines.

KLM contacted Carer's technical department to deal with and solve once and for all issues deriving from the use of forklift trucks in the main airports in which it operates. The successful conclusion to this constant exchange of information and various surveys led to the design and development of 27 dedicated Z25HD machines, forklift trucks with a capacity of 2.5 t, extremely compact and ideal to move across very narrow rack-aisle widths, though with very high performance levels in hoisting mode.

These forklift trucks were made, as required by KLM, to ensure top towing capacity and to be able to adapt to an automatic lateral extraction system to change the battery.


The most striking example of Carer's ability to conceive and design forklift trucks like a "tailor-made garment" based on each specific request from its customers is definitely fully expressed in the very important project commissioned to our company to design and develop two 7 t electrical vehicles to handle and store underground drums containing radioactive waste in France.

The forklift trucks made by Carer have a fully sealed lead cabin fitted with oxygen cylinders for the operator. It is fully protected against any contamination deriving from the goods handled.

After this important job, other firms operating in the radioactive waste sectors contacted Carer.

For processing needs that differed from the previous project, in 2013 two other very compact vehicles were built to handle and store steel boxes full of radioactive waste.

The forklift trucks have various automatic systems and safety devices, including five infrared cameras to help the operator accurately store large radioactive containers in the dark.