N 08-10 electric forklift truck

N 08-10

Electric Forklift N 08-10


Capacity800-1.000 kg
Loadcentre500 mm
Travel speed13 km/h
Hoisting speed0,40 m/s
Battery375 Ah

Multifunction Display
Electric Steering
Rear Twin Tyres
2 Front Traction Motors

Really compact forklift width 33.
5inch, voltage 48V, 2 AC traction motors, electric steering, rear twinsuperelastic tires are some of the features that make the series N08-10 the most advanced in the industry.
The compact dimensions and the two front traction powerful motor sallow you to operate in confined spaces inside containers or wagons,and to work on ramps even in low grip conditions.
The new technology used for the electric steering system allows to automatically reduce the speed on a bend, to adjust the sensitivity of the steering wheel and to optimize the energy consumption.
The comfortable driving position, the high visibility masts and the proper display position, that it shows all the functions and the diagnostics of the forklift, allow the driver to have always under control all the feature staking care of the load and also to adjust the seat position to the specific needs of every operator.
The advanced AC motors and electronic system without maintenance, are protected against dust and water infiltration.
The battery with capacity up to 383Ah and the energy regeneration system allow to guarantee long working time and to reduce the recharging intervals.
A wide range of accessories allows you to customize the forklift to the specific handling requirements.

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