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Z 100-140 HD electric forklift truck

Z 100 120 140 HD

Electric Forklift Z 100-140 HD


Capacity10.000-14.000 kg
Loadcentre600 mm
BrakesOil-bath brakes
Travel speed13 km/h
Hoisting speed0,36 m/s
Battery1.656 Ah

Multifunction Display (dme)
Rear View Camera

A forklift truck newly designed,developed at a voltage of 120Vfor maximum efficiency and longwork autonomy, the Z100-140 HD is the ideal truck for movingheavy loads with maximum safetyand reliability.


The technology of 120V andthe machine's developmentbased on the concepts of powerand efficiency, provide highperformance and long autonomyof the battery.
The power of themotor, electronically controlled,gives these trucks very goodacceleration, high speed andunmatched maneuverability.
The acceleration is gentle andprogressive and it is usedonly when needed to reduceconsumption and increase theautonomy of work.
Maximum operator comfort
The cabin separated from theframe, gives to the operator veryhigh level of comfort.
Fitted on silent blocks system, itreduces the vibrations and noise.
From the driver's seat is perfectlydominates all the surroundingspace and all dimensions of thetruck are easily perceptible.
The visibility remains good evenduring the handling of bulky loads,giving to the operator an optimumdriving position for maximumvisibility and increasing the safety ofthe vehicle.