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A 160-200 X electric forklift truck

A160X - A160@1200X - A180@1200X - A200@1200X

Electric Forklift A 160-200 X


All truck finctions are managed by sophisticate double microprocessor-controlled electronics and regenerative braking.
High-efficiency AC traction and pump motors.
The oli bath brake system is extremely effective and long lasting.
Energy regeneration can be carried out by braking, releasing the accelerator, reversing the direction and by positive dynamic braking.
The electric brake doesn't depend on the friction between the tires and the ground and ensures a greater contact of the truck to the ground.
Electric motors are built and tested by CARER with the most advanced technologies.
The AC high efficiency motors perform at high torque, guaranteeing speed, high performance and maneuverability.
The highly advanced manufacturing technique makes them reliable and durable even under stress.
Two 30 kW traction motors and two 52 kW pump motors work at up to 5400 rpm, providing high torque and high reduction gear.
The motors are IP54 protected against access of dust and water and allow to optimize power consumption and to guarantee extremely quiet operation.
The new front axle consists of a unique block of two indipendent units: right left gear boxes and motors.